I designed this book to progressively introduce you to the analysis of data using linear models. My goal is to provide you with the skills needed to perform a linear regression analysis sooner rather than later. Some material that could be covered together (for example, all the different types of statistical tests and confidence intervals) has been broken into two sections: an early one to give you foundational knowledge about the topic and then later material to advance your understanding. Most of the detailed derivations have been placed in Going Deeper sections or in their own chapter, which can be skipped over to more quickly progress through the material if you do not want to focus as much on theory.


The bookdown package (Xie 2023) was used to generate this book. The kableExtra package (Zhu 2021) was to format the tables. The writing of the book was partially supported by the Colorado Department of Higher Education as part of the proposal “OER for the Creation of Interactive Computational Notebooks and a Computational Pathway in Mathematics and Statistics”.

Creative Commons License Information

A Progressive Introduction to Linear Models by Joshua French is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


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